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February update!

Account registration was broke and therefor fixed in this new update!
Right now a new game is under development which will be free to play and playable in your browser! No downloads needed! 

Prepare yourself for battle and create your free account now, Some accounts may be selected to get alpha access. For now I only want to share this printscreen.

The game is a CO-OP boss battle game and requires a browser which supports WEBGL.
Release date not yet known...

Published: 28/02/20 22:02

January Update! received some bug fixed. There are also two things to share. 

Nimbatus Save File constructor is rewritten so it should work on the latest game version which is 0.9.

You can download the latest version here. The application edit your save file.

  • You can modify in-game currency
  • Modify your hull which basically represent your health
  • Reveal the galaxy map
  • Unlock the galaxy map
  • complete all missions

I also would like to introduce a new python package "femail". This package is meant to send emails through different email clients. Right now only pepipost is supported. Its available through pip and makes use of it too.

pip install femail

More info about the python package itself can be found here.

Published: 19/01/20 01:36

New Year New Website!

Gone with the old, In with the new.

Some really old projects have been removed while others projects get a new revamp. In order to do this the main website has been rebuild and provides a back-end in many new-coming applications. The website itself undergoes maintenance along the way.

So expect a lot of new features / bugs and most important software in 2020!.

Published: 12/01/20 23:06